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about Tallinn

Tucked in the northeast corner of continental Europe, Tallinn is a true hidden gem just starting to receive its due. Equal parts medieval and modern, this quirky city of around 400,000 people somehow manages to constantly re-invent itself, while still honoring its past.

Whether you visit in the summer high season or in the wintry cold , there are countless cool things to do in Tallinn. Give yourself enough time to explore this beautiful city, if you can and try to spend atleast five days in Tallinn in partnership with Visit Estonia, including a day trip to Lahemaa National Park.

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Tallinn Christmas Market features wares from handicraft masters from across Estonia. Visitors will be able to purchase handicraft souvenirs, traditional clothing and food.


For some of the neighboring countries Tallinn is the main shopping destination, largely for its reasonable prices compared to Scandinavia. We assume you didn't come here for shopping though, but everyone likes to take home a few things to remember.


Unfortunately, most of the Old Town is filled with souvenir shops selling amber jewellery from Poland and Russian matryoshkas, but those are not exactly the things to buy from this country. 

Try an Estonian craft beer


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In keeping with its hipster startup credential, Estonia has a vibrant craft beer scene. There are countless places to enjoy a great beer in the city, and most restaurants will have a decent selection of craft beer.


I loved eating at Leib because they actually have a beer and food pairing menu — including suggestions on what beers to pair with dessert (stout and creme brulee — hello, genius). I tried a delicious IPA, which went perfectly with my vegetarian sweet potato and mushroom salad.


If you really love craft beer, there are craft beer tasting tours you can do to sample the best of Estonia’s microbreweries.

Tallinn Christmas Market


Christmas Market, Nuremberg


Following tradition, the Tallinn Christmas Market will open its stage and sales kiosks this year in order to make it possible for us to enjoy the Christmas spirited fairy tale land as long as possible. In the Town Hall Square, there is already erected a fluffy Christmas tree, the symbol of Christmas, which for the first time in the world was erected right here in 1441.


The Tallinn Christmas Market delights everyone with its coziness, historical location, half a century old buildings and long traditions. In recent years, the Tallinn Christmas Market has become increasingly visible in the foreign media; itis has a number of times been elected as one of the best in the tens of thousands of Christmas markets.


This year, the glances are captured with the heart-shaped ornaments on the Christmas tree towering in the center of the Raekoja Square and on the stage. Heart-shaped decorations were chosen to decorate the Christmas Market for a number of reasons – the heart is a symbol of love, and Christmas is probably one of the most heartfelt holidays in general. But also Tallinn Old Town, the venue of Tallinn Christmas Marketplace, is heart-shaped when viewed from the air, and the City Center advertises itself as the heartof the city!

Top Restaurants in Tallinn

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Traditional Estonian cuisine to begin with revolves around the changing of seasons and with that said, just like its sister country Finland, they rely heavily on the summer produce and preserving them for the winter when nothing comes out from the ground. However, meat (pork) and dairy products are also two of the main factors in an Estonian diet thus you’ll most likely find tons of pork dishes on restaurant menus.


Tons of pork, potatoes, and preserves! Sorry vegetarians, some countries do love their meat! But, don’t worry though because let’s face the fact that we now live in a modern world where food import and export is reliable – you’ll likely find restaurants that sell vegetarian options.


For the meat eaters, however, you’re in for a treat! Because not only you get to experience eating in a tavern lit with candlelight (no actual electricity here guys!) and servers dressed in medieval clothing, but you also get to eat some of the weirdest food you’ll ever have in your life (that perhaps neither the Estonians these days would eat). It’s medieval, come on, the cuisine has evolved since the dawn of times.



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