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Bulgaria’s capital has a lot of stories to tell, and each historic attraction will give you a new perspective on Sofia’s complicated past. Take the churches here that have spent several centuries of their existence as mosques, the overbearing soviet architecture or the Roman history that is still being uncovered and blends with the modern city. Many of the buildings you’ll see are from the Bulgarian Revival in the late-19th century, when the country reclaimed its independence from the Ottomans. And always to the southwest looms the monumental Vitosha Mountain.



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St. Alexander Nevski Cathedral
St. Alexander Nevski Cathedral

The scale of this building will blow you away. Inside St. Alexander Nevski has room for 10,000 people and it’s the second largest cathedral in the Balkan region.As with a great deal of Sofia’s grand architecture, the city’s cathedral dates to the 1880s.

When you’re inside, look up at ceiling of the main cupola, which has a mural of the Lord God Sabbath.The crypt here is open to visitors and has a big collection of icons.


I would count Bulgaria into the countries where you should eat out. Not only because of the prices, the food is just awesome!

One of the top reasons I love Bulgaria so much is the delicious Bulgarian food! Rich in flavors, variations, colors and forms, our cuisine is strongly influenced by Middle East but has its own unique charisma.

Nightlife – Bars & Clubs
Nightlife – Bars & Clubs

Sofia is well-known for its vibrant nightlife – no matter if you choose to spend your time in a bar or a nightclub. The possibilities are almost endless and the best thing: Sofia is one of the cheapest cities to go out in Europe. All the locals I met recommended staying in the “One More Bar”, which I really enjoyed. Let me know if you have more specific recommendations and I will happily add them to my list.

Day Trips
Day Trips

Sofia is also a perfect starting point for several day trips you can do. I did two of them on my own and can highly recommend doing so. Bulgaria has some outstanding places full of history and breathtaking wonders of nature to offer. A few  that you can visit in just one day from Sofia are Veliko Tarnovo and Plovdiv.