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Malta is an archipelago in the central Mediterranean between Sicily and the North African coast. It's a nation known for historic sites related to a succession of rulers including the Romans, Moors, Knights of Saint John, French and British. It has numerous fortresses, megalithic temples and the ?al Saflieni Hypogeum, a subterranean complex of halls and burial chambers dating to circa 4000 B.C.

Although small in size, Malta is literally crammed full of fascinating history – 7,000 years of it to be precise. In fact it officially has a greater density of historic sites that any other country, so it goes without saying that a spot of sightseeing is generally order of the day when in Malta.

Holiday to Malta comes with a fabulous climate, stunning beaches, and natural landscape make it the perfect destination for those looking to soak up some sun, sea and relaxation however, and the abundance of activities, both water and land-based, to keep you occupied if you’re feeling more energetic mean it really is the perfect holiday spot for all.





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Food and Drinks
Food and Drinks

Malta is famous for traditional Mediterranean cuisine as situated in the center of the Mediterranean Sea. Enjoy freshly caught seafood and wineries that  take your taste buds on a culinary adventure. 
Malta and Gozo have delicious cheeses, honey, spices, fruit preserves, olives and sweets available. Maltese love their local drinks and oftentimes they are the only things offered on the menu besides water .You can find restaurants, snack bars, pastizzerias and  bakeries in literally every corner of the Islands. Traditional Maltese food can range from bolognese-stuffed pastas such as timpana, rabbit cooked in wine to hearty fish pies.


Malta has some beautiful beaches from golden sand, red sand, rocks, blue lagoons and even inland seas. A tript to Comino's Blue Lagoon for the ultimate in azure water is a must. 
On larger beaches, you will find cafes or snack bars open during the summer season and beach life lasts till October.Larger sandy beaches are in the northern part of Malta. Malta's most popular beaches are Mellieha Bay, Ghajn Tuffie?a and Golden Bay.  
Enjoy water sports and activities like windsurfing, jet and water skiing, parakiting and fun rides. You can hire equipment from beach cafes or shops nearby.


Malta is also famous for its architectural sites and popular film location. Malta's dramatic cliffs, stunning landscapes, and ancient buildings make it the perfect backdrop for many feature films and shows.With lots of astonishing array of things and sites to discover , Malta is indeed worth a visit.The capital of Valletta is an ideal base to explore the Island of Malta with lots of hotels, restaurants, historical sites, and cultural events.
Malta's palm-tree fringed landscape is dotted with picturesque hilltop towns, peaceful seaports, colorful old fishing villages,Saint John's Co-Cathedral,Grand Master's Palace and natural attractions.


Malta is very well known for its nightlife and party scene, and with a vast array of nightclubs, bars, restaurants and wine bars.Band music is one of the most popular traditions on the Islands.
You can also explore a lively arts and music scene, with lots of festivals like  Malta Arts Festival, the Valletta Baroque Festival, the Opera Festival, the Choir Festival and the International Jazz Festival held  to attend 
during the summer season as well as during the quieter winter months.There a number of gentlemen's clubs known as strip clubs around Paceville and St. Julian's.