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about Bulgaria

Offering a Balkan adventure like no other, Bulgaria is one of the most fascinating places to explore and is becoming an increasingly popular travel destination. Rightly so, as the country is filled with pristine coastlines, towering mountains, never-ending waterfalls, and a generally lush nature that is extremely inviting. 

Bulgaria may not be the first country that comes into your mind when you are looking for a destination, but it should be! Bulgaria is full of cool things to do and see. The black sea beaches are probably the most famous ones, but there is much more to it!


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Explore Sofia


Church, Sofia, Alexander Nevski


Sofia is the biggest city and the capital of Bulgaria. It’s one the biggest gateways to Bulgaria and attracts lots of tourists. The city, like most of Bulgaria, is only now recovering from the transition to democracy & capitalism, thus you will find many old buildings, roads, and sidewalks in quite a bad shape.


Overall, I don’t think Sofia is one of the prettiest European capitals, yet I still think you should visit and explore Sofia. Why? Sofia has its share of beautiful and relevant buildings. Plus, it’s essential to understand the Bulgarian people and culture.


The best way to explore Sofia is by foot. Most attractions are relatively close to each other and you walk between them. 


Two days is enough to explore the center and see the main attractions, however, if you enjoy Sofia (and probably will) you’ll probably want to stay much longer.


Sofia is also very cheap, so it could be a great place to slow down for a while. Either way, have a look at where to stay in Sofia?

Enjoy Bulgarian Food


Bulgarian Traditional Salad, Bulgaria


One of the things that most surprised us in Bulgaria was its delicious food. Who would of think that Bulgaria is a foodie paradise? Plus it is super cheap. One of the reasons Bulgarian food is so good is due to the ingredients, they are all so fresh and with exceptional quality.


Bulgaria has so many fantastic dishes, particularly the salads. The most famous dishes are Shopska salad, Tarator (yogurt and cucumber soup), Kavarma (slow-cook stew), Banitsa (Bulgarian pastry) and Lyutenitsa (tomato and pepper dip). Besides these dishes they have mouth-watering grilled meat and fish, and delectable stews.


Wander In Nessebar


Nessebar, Church, Church Of Saint Sophia


Nessebar is an ancient city built in a wonderful, small peninsula, with cobbled streets lined with old ruins like baths, churches, and fortifications. This whole setting creates a very charming, yet touristy town.


Nessebar is also very well surrounded by extremely nice beaches. You can make Nessebar your base and enjoy the surrounding beaches and towns like Sunny Beach, Burgas and even Sozopol. 

Krushuna Waterfalls


Bulgaria, Krushuna Waterfall, Cascade


Krushuna waterfalls are located between Veliko Tarnovo and Sofia, which means they make an excellent side trip to break the rather long and boring voyage. A ticket to the falls costs 3 leva (1.5 Euros).


Note that when you start the route there are two routes you can take. They will bring you to different parts of the waterfalls. One takes you to the upper side (much more difficult) of the falls and some caves, the other one is easier and follows the river and small lakes. Take time to do both! It’s worth it.

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